The making process – Eva Mileusnic

The artwork “The Tower” represents:
22 residential storeys of the 24 storey tower block,  129 flats and 600 individual keys representing the Tower’s estimated number of residents.

Eva Mileusnic: moulds for cast keys

I’ve made the moulds using liquid latex rubber and cast the keys out of jesmonite. The original idea of casting in porcelain didn’t work – but will experiment more in these new moulds. I love the way the metal keys have reacted with the latex – hence the different colours. This may alter on subsequent castings.

I decided to cast keys in a fragile material to depict the fragility of life. Each set of keys will represent a flat in the Grenfell Tower. 129 household flats. Each key represents a resident of Grenfell Tower – 600 is the estimated number.