Phill Hopkins Grenfell Burn Prints

“When I was invited to make work for this exhibition I immediately thought about my ‘burn’ prints that I had made in 2011. I had placed a burning house-shape made from melamine coated board onto heavy paper and when removed it left a scorched shape. For Keepsake I cut a piece of melamine 67mm tall, a silhouette of Grenfell Tower (which was 67m tall). Whilst the shape was burning I was able to make a study and then 6 individual prints before the shape burned away and disintegrated.”

Phill Hopkins, Grenfell Burn Print, 2018

The ‘Grenfell Burn Print’ series consists of seven works; a study and six individual prints. Each is numbered, titled, signed and dated on 300g/m Aquafine acid free paper, 25 x 25 cm. You can buy one of these very limited edition prints for the special price of £50 unframed. get in touch with us here

Phill Hopkins, Study, Grenfell Burn Print, 2018

Phill Hopkins – “Burn” prints

In 2011 I made a series of works that I refer to as “Burn” prints.

The series was made by placing a flat house shape, made from melamine, into a fire. Whilst the shape was burning I placed it on to paper. When the shape was removed a print was left; a ghostlike brand. During the burning the melamine surface fractured and the resulting burned shape have an appearance of a map or aged skin.

Phill Hopkins: Burn print 2011

For Keepsake I am making a new series of prints, using a simple rectangular piece of melamine.

Phill Hopkins: sketch for Keepsake 2018