Caroline Hick Linoprint edition for Grenfell

There is love in the design, the ink, the paper and the printing.


Caroline Hick. RISE: River of Tears & Like a Phoenix, lino print pair, 2017

The image of Grenfell stands as a reminder of the death of a system that should be here to serve its people. We should be very sad for our society where our health and welfare are sold to the highest bidder, angry with a system that doesn’t support the most vulnerable and united in a hope that we can be part of the change that needs to happen.

This pair of prints is my way of trying to be part of that change. From a feeling of deep sadness for so many lives needlessly lost depicted in the first print (River of Tears) comes a call to action to make those lives lost count (Like a Phoenix).

A limited edition of 100 pairs of linoprints titled: RISE: River Of Tears and RISE: Like A Phoenix. Hand printed on Awagami Japanese paper. 52cm x 43cm. Sold unframed. £80 per pair.

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