Work in Progress – Shaeron Caton-Rose

I find it appalling that in our developed First World country, people are still homeless not because of a natural disaster but one created by the greed and carelessness of an increasingly unfair system. On my way to work, I walk past a graveyard. Every week someone puts down flowers on an unmarked area, come rain or shine. I find their commitment to remembering their loved ones moving. Let us remember those loved ones who were lost in Grenfell with an equal commitment to justice.

Shaeron Caton-Rose: Flowers For Grenfell (work in progress)

My prints are made using a collagraph method with flowers that I have saved from the bins in graveyards, tokens of remembrance that have been discarded. I have distressed the plates with fire to emulate the Grenfell experience and each plate is made to the dimensions of the Grenfell tower. There are 12 plates, one for each month of the year’s anniversary we are marking. The plates are equally as interesting as the prints and will become part of further work which explores remembrance and grief.

I have been making my prints as and when I can, which means sometimes working alongside the disabled clients i work with – which, in turn, has reminded me that so many are vulnerable within our society, so easily damaged by the disregard of the powerful.



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