PARTICIPATING ARTISTS: Shaeron Caton-Rose / Morwenna Catt / Jez Coram / Pat Harvey / Caroline Hick / Phill Hopkins / Hatti McKenzie / Eva Mileusnic / #Viraltile / For The Love Of People Collaborators: Ruth Badger, Lucy Barker, Pam Benfield, Sasha Bhat, Karen Carmichael, Yvonne Carmichael, Victoria Collins, Tania Coram, Ruhana Doyle, Fiona Drake, Dave Emmett, Lizzie Emmett, Jenna Foster, Danny Friar, Shanaz Gulzar, Hollie Hardin, Andrew Hick, Anthony Hick, Clair Hick, Jonny Hick, Madeyah Khan, Angela Loftus, Steve Lunn, Nat Maynard, Jean McEwan, Marie-Christine O’Dwyer, Lizzie Palliser, Mehmoona Pervaz, Mo Rahman, Sophie Slater, Beth Smith, Christine Sutcliffe, Anji Timlin, Tracy Vines, Alice Withers


Eva Mileusnic: The Tower (detail)

KEEPSAKE EXHIBITION LAUNCH –  14 June 2018, Bradford Cathedral

The work in this exhibition has been created specifically to coincide with the first anniversary of the Grenfell Tower fire in London.

The artworks are a way for us to remember and mark the lives lost and to reflect on the issues surrounding this avoidable tragedy. Each artwork is donated by the artists and all sales go directly to the Justice4Grenfell (J4G) campaign.


a big THANK YOU goes out to all the people who have made and donated art work and volunteered their time in getting all this together 💚

and BIG LOVE to WE LOVE THIS for giving us exhibition materials 💚

Reflections on the first anniversary vigil and exhibition opening at Bradford Cathedral

Thank you to everyone who helped to put all of this together. The artists, their families, the amazing people of Bradford, the brilliant staff at the Cathedral, the wonderful people at Speakers Corner, the great team at South Square and all the helpers, well wishers, supporters of every kind and of course the strong women at Justice4Grenfell.

To be part of an event which brings communities together is a privilege, even when that event is to mark something so overwhelmingly sad. But the LOVE and UNITY that has risen out of these ashes cannot be underestimated.

In all our preparations for our Bradford solidarity event, we have followed the direction of the community at Grenfell; their actions and their strength, dignity and love in response to such a tragedy has been our guiding light. We keep you all in our hearts and will carry on with our solidarity work for as long as is necessary.

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Morwenna Catt Hearts for Grenfell

A series of small sweetheart cushions, reminiscent of the cushions made in WWI by injured soldiers. Delicate, stitched from printed silk and stuffed with lambs wool.


Each is printed with the image of a different tree, if you look very closely you can see that the image of Grenfell is layered subtly through the branches and leaves.

morwennaatt patience



In myth and folklore trees are imbued with symbolism and the power to heal. Each of these trees carries a word, printed onto a burnt fragment of silk and pinned to its heart.

You can take home and cherish one of Morwenna Catt’s Hearts for the special exhibition price of £10. Get in touch here



Phill Hopkins Grenfell Burn Prints

“When I was invited to make work for this exhibition I immediately thought about my ‘burn’ prints that I had made in 2011. I had placed a burning house-shape made from melamine coated board onto heavy paper and when removed it left a scorched shape. For Keepsake I cut a piece of melamine 67mm tall, a silhouette of Grenfell Tower (which was 67m tall). Whilst the shape was burning I was able to make a study and then 6 individual prints before the shape burned away and disintegrated.”

Phill Hopkins, Grenfell Burn Print, 2018

The ‘Grenfell Burn Print’ series consists of seven works; a study and six individual prints. Each is numbered, titled, signed and dated on 300g/m Aquafine acid free paper, 25 x 25 cm. You can buy one of these very limited edition prints for the special price of £50 unframed. get in touch with us here

Phill Hopkins, Study, Grenfell Burn Print, 2018

Caroline Hick Linoprint edition for Grenfell

There is love in the design, the ink, the paper and the printing.


Caroline Hick. RISE: River of Tears & Like a Phoenix, lino print pair, 2017

The image of Grenfell stands as a reminder of the death of a system that should be here to serve its people. We should be very sad for our society where our health and welfare are sold to the highest bidder, angry with a system that doesn’t support the most vulnerable and united in a hope that we can be part of the change that needs to happen.

This pair of prints is my way of trying to be part of that change. From a feeling of deep sadness for so many lives needlessly lost depicted in the first print (River of Tears) comes a call to action to make those lives lost count (Like a Phoenix).

A limited edition of 100 pairs of linoprints titled: RISE: River Of Tears and RISE: Like A Phoenix. Hand printed on Awagami Japanese paper. 52cm x 43cm. Sold unframed. £80 per pair.

If you would like to buy a pair of Caroline Hick’s special edition prints, get in touch with us here

Shaeron Caton-Rose collagraphs for Grenfell

My prints are made using a collagraph method with flowers that I have saved from the bins in graveyards, tokens of remembrance that have been discarded. I have distressed the plates with fire to emulate the Grenfell experience and each plate is made to the dimensions of the Grenfell tower. There are 12 plates, one for each month of the year’s anniversary we are marking.

Shaeron Caton-Rose. Flowers for Grenfell, 12 collagraphs 2018

“I find it appalling that in our developed “First World” country, people are still homeless not because of a natural disaster but one created by the greed and carelessness of an increasingly unfair system.

On my way to work, I walk past a graveyard. Every week someone puts down flowers on an unmarked area, come rain or shine. I find their commitment to remembering their loved ones moving. Let us remember those loved ones who were lost in Grenfell with an equal commitment to justice.”

You can buy one of these collagraph prints by Shaeron Caton-Rose. They are available at a special price of £30 each. ALL proceeds from sales go to Justice4Grenfell. Please contact us here

Pat Harvey Monoprints for Grenfell

As a printmaker I usually use a combination of different printing techniques with hand finished drawing and additional colour.  My images for Keepsake have a surface print background using embossed wallpaper. Memories of the past and of childhood often involve a remembered wallpaper pattern on a bedroom wall. The sugar bowl is depicted by a drypoint on plastic plate. Other parts of the images are created with marker pen.

Pat Harvey. Special Occasion, monoprint 2018

“The idea of the Keepsake project made me think about those things we might value and want to hang onto because they memorialise how we came to be who we are. I decided that one of my images would relate to a special family event. For such events there is often the one-off ceremonial garment. I still have fragments of my mother’s wedding veil from the 1930s, but for this project the loss of children’s lives made me think in particular of a baby’s baptism bonnet. Baptism is essentially a denominating event which marks the newcomer formally entering their cultural group.”


Pat Harvey. Everyday, monoprint 2018

“I wanted my second image to depict an ordinary household object which could be elevated in a particular family to a special status. My image is of a glass sugar basin and sugar spoon. This particular basin was my mother’s, I saw it every day a child, as did my children who went to their school from her home. It is probably nearly 100  years old. I showed the image to my son, now in his forties and settled in the USA for more than 20 years and asked him if he knew what it was and he answered instantly “Nanna’s sugar bowl”. How fortunate are we that this ordinary item I took with me when my mother died is still our sugar bowl. I have recently wondered what seemingly ordinary items make their way in the backpacks of refugees across continents and what will be the stories told about them.”

If you are interested in supporting this project by purchasing one of Pat Harvey’s two monoprints at the special price of £95 each, please get in touch here


The Blind Auction has begun!


We’re All Someone’s Daughter, We’re All Someone’s Son, a project by For The Love Of People, have created a collective artwork made up of 72 pieces of miniature worlds about life, love and loss. You can see them all here and bid on your favourite/s

A BIG THANK YOU 💚💚💚 to all the makers who took part:


Getting ready for the launch day

For the last three months, over 50 artists and makers have created new work for this exhibition and now we are nearly ready! Boxes have been arriving with all manner or loveliness inside. We can only say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed to make this happen. We will be installing the work in the Lady Chapel at Bradford Cathedral next week. We also have a hearts and banner workshop on Tuesday, 5-8pm at Speakers Corner. 6 days and counting……

Morwenna Catt – new work for Keepsake

I’m making a series of small sweetheart cushions, reminiscent of the cushions made in WWI by injured soldiers. These are delicate, stitched from printed silk and stuffed with lambs wool.

morwennacatt sweetheart hearts

Each is printed with the image of a different tree, if you look very closely you can see that the image of Grenfell is layered subtly through the branches and leaves.

In myth and folklore trees are imbued with symbolism and the power to heal. Each of these trees carries a word, printed onto a burnt fragment of silk and pinned to its heart.



Phill Hopkins – “Burn” prints

In 2011 I made a series of works that I refer to as “Burn” prints.

The series was made by placing a flat house shape, made from melamine, into a fire. Whilst the shape was burning I placed it on to paper. When the shape was removed a print was left; a ghostlike brand. During the burning the melamine surface fractured and the resulting burned shape have an appearance of a map or aged skin.

Phill Hopkins: Burn print 2011

For Keepsake I am making a new series of prints, using a simple rectangular piece of melamine.

Phill Hopkins: sketch for Keepsake 2018